Although pen and paper is the easiest way to start writing, there are other helpers to make your work easier. Meet book writing programs that even advanced writers might not be ashamed of. Thanks to them, writing books and creative texts has never been easier.

Microsoft Word / Libre Office

Microsoft Word is the world’s most widely used word-writing program. Although he has many competitors, he still holds his position as a leader. It contains everything you need to write text. Although not specifically designed for writers, you can also write a book in it. Many companies have it as a compulsory drive, but some refuse to pay for it. In that case, Writer comes in Libreoffice, which is almost identical to Word. It is the first choice when looking for an alternative to Word for a text-writing program.

The big advantage is its free availability and also its compatibility with doc and docx formats and also with other text formats. Libreoffice is based on people who are constantly developing the software and adding new functionality. Although it does not have a cloud storage, this can be offset by saving files to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Price: Microsoft Word as part of Office 365 Home for 99 euros per year or 10 euros per month, Libre office for free

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Google documents

Do you want to keep the text at hand if you have a creative moment? That’s why Google documents are created. Their great advantage is the cloud storage that the Libe Office does not have. You will always have the document at hand in the online form and at any time you will be able to write your thoughts over the phone.

Although not as versatile as the regular writing software, the application dominates the document sharing category. Allows you to share with anyone with a Google Account or your email linked to Google. It also offers simple and quick commenting on anything in the document and suggestions for editing. You will also appreciate the editing history you normally won’t find in programs.

Price: free


Whether you are a novice writer or you are playing with the lyrics on a professional level. Scrivener is a program for writers, screenwriters, lawyers, journalists, but will also be appreciated by students and academics. It provides everything you need to write a book. It offers easy movement and control between different parts of the handwriting, notes and links. Working on a longer text is easier if you divide it into smaller parts. With the program, you can devote yourself to a particular paragraph, edit the text and then focus on the text as a whole. Writers can thus write each chapter in a separate document. In the innovative program mode, you can save and edit the parts as if they were part of a single document.

Scrivener also offers planning capability with its Corkboard tool. Each part of your project is connected to a virtual whiteboard so you can go back to it and work with it. The advantage is also the possibility to display several documents side by side. If you need to check part of the text with another document, translate the text, or write a description based on an open photo, Scrivener will make it easier for you. You can have up to four different documents in the same window open at the same time in the editor. To do this, it offers a number of other features, including preparing a manuscript to print and export to various file formats.

Price: first 30 days free, full version for $ 45


Ulysses is the solution for writers, journalists, but also for writing any text, from short notes to blog posts. The main features of this text-writing program include a simple and clean interface without unnecessary distraction, export to multiple formats, including docx, PDF and Medium, and a sophisticated library. You can easily find all your texts in the library, and it’s up to you to structure them. You have a lot of ingredients at your disposal, but what is important – you have everything in one place, in one application. Also missing is iCloud synchronization. The program is available in addition to Mac and iPad for iPhone.

You can cut the text into the so-called. scheetov, which makes their final editing or reorganization easier. The overall design of the program is minimalist, with no need for buttons and icons. You can change everything according to your preferences – colors, fonts, saved texts, etc. The program has a number of little tweaks that every writer will appreciate – setting an example of how to set the number of characters or the type of writing tool.

Price: requires subscription to work on all devices (Mac, iPad and iPhone), free trial for 14 days, use in the European Union for $ 39.99 per year


yWriter is also a great choice for writers. It is a text editor that lets you clearly split the book into individual chapters and create shortened content. It offers the ability to import files and then combine them into common text. Interestingly, this text editor was designed by the writer himself. In this way, you can be sure that you have a program at hand where the user can easily navigate and offer all the features he will need when writing a book.

In the editor you can work on your computer, but also on Android and iOS. They are synced with yWriter (via Google Drive or Dropbox) so you can work on the text at any time. If you get inspiration, but you’re out of the house, just take the phone to your hand and you can write.

Price: free


Writemonkey is a book-writing program that lets you write your thoughts on in full-screen mode without any useless icons, menus, submenus, and other controls that might distract you. Especially those who like to write on a classic typewriter will appreciate it, but at the same time, they need to take advantage of computers to create texts. The user interface is as simple as it is as a sheet of paper inserted in a typewriter. In addition, the font used also evokes a typewriter.

The program has simple system requirements, is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. Control and format text using keyboard shortcuts. There are a lot of useful features and tools that the program, despite its simplicity, moves a few classes above the ordinary typewriter. It supports many languages, some are spell checking, synonyms search, proofreading, and so on. To run the program, you need a Microsoft .NET Framework that you can easily download to your computer.

Price: free

Focus Writer

At first glance it looks like a subtle application with fewer features, but that’s what makes it a useful tool for creating a book. The perfect user program environment does not interfere with anything, which is ideal if you need to focus on work. The editor fulfills everything that is expected of him: a simple environment that can be easily customized, basic document management features and good stability (you can’t lose your work). The cherry on the cake is a function – a text scheduler, through which you can set the goals for how much text you want to write for the time. Also, the program offers alerts, timers, auto save, and so on.

Saved text, whether in TXT or RTF format, can be easily opened and edited in word processors like MS Word or Writer from Libre Office. Its advantage is working on a program in a Windows environment, but it can also be used on a Mac. You can also transfer it on a USB stick or SD card.

Price: free


Sigil is a useful program designed for easy creation and editing of electronic books. Allows you to edit ePub books. In a few moments, you can create eBooks, with tools such as metadata editor, full Unicode support, SVG support, TXT, HTML and EPUB import support, and more. The tool allows you to automatically convert imported files into Unicode, and through it you can view the book and the code at the same time.

It has a simple control that even a beginner can handle. While working in the program, you have a toolbar at the top where you can edit the fonts and format the text, and a left-hand panel with each chapter you can switch between and focus on each one and the text you edit in the middle. The software is available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh, as well as the Google Code Project website.

Price: free


This book-writing program is especially useful if you want to write a novel. Software can be used by novice and experienced writers who have a creative writing tool in front of them. It has a modern interface and intuitive features that make it one of the best software. It has simple operation and is well structured. It will help you create, organize, and link all the elements of the novel so that the result is the best for you.

It offers the ability to create and move chapters and then edit them separately for each. You can see all parts of the text clearly and all of this is stored in one file. You will also appreciate the writing tools such as word count, spell checker, thesaurus, and many others you can do without. It allows to import MS Word documents and export manuscript in doc, PDF, EPub or as HTML file.

Price: free demo version, full version for 69.95 euros